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“If people feel like they’re part of a workplace, then they are going to have more resistance to leaving.They’re not just leaving a job, they’re leaving a community, and it takes a bit more of a tug for that to happen.”  ~ Richard Hadden

Self-awareness, self-confidence, self-control, the ability to communicate and influence, are key competencies that separate great leaders and achievers from the rest of the pack. To sustain growth and profitability, you need talent that is engaged and “checked-in” NOT “checked- out”. Assessments provide unbiased information which enables you to make the best possible decisions when hiring, promoting and effectively managing your talented staff.

 “Great organizations achieve sustainable growth and profits because they do what other organizations don’t: they maximize the innate, individual talents of their employees to connect with customers. They know that tapping the resources of humans is the only remaining area where significant improvements can—and do—lead to an unlimited source of competitive advantages.” Curt Coffman, Gabriel Gonzalez-Molina, in Follow this Path 2002

Our validated assessment suite enables us to measure from five perspectives; behaviors, motivators, potential skills, demonstrated skills and emotional intelligence. We can uncover management styles, motivators, task preferences, teamwork styles, leadership styles, attitudes and emotional intelligence, which accelerate the effectiveness of coach programs, consulting projects and employee leadership development initiatives.

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