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You face a world never seen before. Change is happening around us in such magnitude that the lessons of the past don’t necessarily work well for the present, much less the future. Constant and continuous learning is the only way to prepare for the future and continue to lead. When everyone turns to you, when you face these challenges, successful leaders turn to an executive coach. Why?

People don’t tell leaders the whole truth for many reasons.
“Whatever the reason, the CEO can’t rely on his followers to spontaneously give him the full picture.”– Stephen Covey

We’ve heard this many times when talking with CEO’s, executive leaders and our clients, “I so often feel that I’m not getting the truth. I can’t put my finger on it, because no one is actually lying to me. But I can sense that people are hiding information, that I’m not getting the full picture or key facts are filtered.”

1Daniel Goleman speaks of CEO Disease in his book “Primal Leadership”:
“It is on unpleasant symptom of the sufferer’s near total ignorance about how his mood and actions appear to the organization.  It’s not that leaders don’t care how they’re perceived-most do-but they incorrectly assume that they can decipher this information themselves. Worse, they think that if they are having a negative effect, someone will tell them.”

50% of the Top 20 Companies regularly use executive coaching for their high-potential employees, compared to only 10% of all other companies.

We do not fix problems or people. We partner with you to achieve ROI results designed for the real world. We are your mirror and sounding board to your feedback-starved existence. We are direct in reflecting back to you how your behavior affects others in a constantly changing world. Coaching is about learning. It is about discovering where you are, what is the future direction needed and wanted, and laying out a path to get there. It is a mutual process between us. With coaching, you drive the process, you define the measurable results and you define success.

Leadership is situational and there is no one best way. Our approach enables you to receive what you need when you need it.  There may be some shocks along the way which facilitate future learning and change. This humbling experience requires you to know yourself well and have the humility to ask for help from others. You’re not done until the people around you think you are.

Leave your EGO at the door because EGO: Excludes Great Opportunitysm

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